Our Story

Growing up, l had my own island.

A simple place, it had some palm trees and rocks. It was in the backyard of the apartment complex where my cousins and I lived in Southern California. We played while our families were preparing lunch after church. We would hang there after school and before all the football parties.

I am Samoan and I am an American, born on the mainland. I’ve never traveled to the islands but I know the way of Samoa well. The way was there in that backyard, on that small island of rocks.

In the Polynesian culture, family is not an important thing – it is everything!

My cousins were more than just cousins, they were like close siblings. We called each other UCE. It means bro or brother, but it stands for much more.

UCE is the connection to my people. My grandpa, Filo Masunu, came to the United States to make a better life for himself and his family. Through triumphs and struggles, our family has kept a sense of dignity and pride of living as Samoans, Angelenos and Americans.

UCE is the connection to my passion. Hats were my thing in high school. To join my collection, the hat had to be the right fit. How it felt, how it wore, it was an expression of who I am and what I am about.

UCE is the connection to my purpose. My cousins encouraged me to create this company as a reflection of the loyalty and intimacy we feel toward each other. As part of the Samoan diaspora, we bring our culture to wherever we are. What my family has taught me I am teaching to my children and my cousins are teaching to their children.

That island in the backyard is long gone but what it stood for is still with me. And by buying UCE and Co, it is with you. We joyfully extend the bridge from the island to the mainland to you.